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Born to her mother on December 2, 1960,
A sudden departure on April 26th, 2002,
Jocelyn's spirit stays on with us.

"If each day falls inside each night
there exists a well where clarity is imprisoned.

We must sit on the rim
of the well of darkness
and fish for fallen light
with patience."

- Pablo Neruda

This site is for Jocelyn;
it is dedicated to her friends and lovers,
to her family and to her life,
and has been compiled
from her friend's and lover's memories of her.

photo provided by vicky, columbus, OH this ee cummings poem was by her bedside

Jocelyn B Sandberg, 41, was murdered in Colorado Springs, CO on April 26th,

Jocelyn was a long-time radical lesbian feminist and human rights
activist, warrior-spirit, vegan animal lover, music appassionato, motorcycle
enthusiast, avid reader, and arts appreciator.  Jocelyn is survived by her
big dawgs Auggie and Juno, 2 cats, parents in SLC, many siblings, and many
more friends (her family) in Colorado Springs and across the US.  Born in
Ojai, CA on December 2, 1960.  The 8th child of 9, to parents Harley and
Evalyn.  Jocelyn held numerous jobs including produce goddess, baker/dough
maker, UPS, repair work, factory work, delivering newspapers, volunteerism
and most recently was the operations manager at KRCC public radio station in
Colorado Springs.  She also lived in Southern California, SLC, the Bay Area,
and Columbus, OH, where she worked for WCBE public radio and had many friends there. 

Jocelyn lived a bold, vibrant, unapologetic life.  She was unequivocally generous. 
Strongly opinionated and unafraid to speak vociferously, she found common
ground with many different types of people.  For nearly 10 years she was my
soulmate, confidante, best friend, teacher, alpha energy, and support. 
Jocelyn inspired so many people in so many ways. 

She will be greatly missed and her absence felt for a long, long time. 


We love you, Joc.     

--Tina, Seattle, WA

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